Bourbon Jungle

Marina Bundy



 Although Sermet’s does not make the cut for Charleston’s Bourbon Trail, they are certainly worth a stop on your next stroll through King Street, especially if you have a hankering for a seasonal twist on a refreshing bourbon cocktail.


Gentry Bourbon, a family-owned, handcrafted small batch bourbon made in the heart of Charleston, is now offered at Sermet’s as part of their new summer drink menu that made its debut in June.


As an effort to celebrate locality in the South, this gesture has introduced a new vibe and different take on Sermet’s traditionally Mediterranean-inspired menu.




Sermet’s offers a seasonal Sangria made with ripe, plump Gentry Bourbon-soaked fresh local fruit that elevates the flavors found within the spirit itself, topped with a splash of Moscato white wine.


The second drink addition is appropriately titled the Gentry Derby, a nod to the brand’s namesake, consisting of peach schnapps, lemonade with muddled mint, and bourbon all married together with a muddled peach.


If you enjoy sweet, light, and refreshing cocktails with a well-made bourbon base, Sermet’s is the perfect place to indulge in exactly that. These summer refreshments are featured on the cocktail menu through the end of August. So, cheers to the Lowcountry, eating locally and, of course, imbibing.