Behind The Beauty Scene at CFW 2012

Andrew C. Petersen


I sat down with makeup maven, Ashley Brook Perryman to talk a little shop—beauty shop, that is—and find out what trends we can expect on the runways of Charleston Fashion Week 2012 (CFW).  Ashley is one of the most talented artists I know and as we sat down, this cute little thing told me she was purely excited and invigorated. She may be working 24 hours a day, but her perky personality didn’t show it one bit. I admit, I was on the edge of my seat. Two makeup artists talking tips and Charleston Fashion Week?  I was in heaven.


Here’s what Ashley had to say about what we may be seeing this week under the tents:


ACP: First, what is your background and what is your role at CFW?

ABP: I graduated from the Makeup Designory in Los Angeles, California, and have been a professional freelance makeup artist & hair stylist for seven years. I’ve served as the CFW hair and makeup creative director for the past five years. Ayoka Lucas, the visionary behind the event, gave me the opportunity to help create the hair and makeup tent for the second CFW, and I have been honored to be a part of the team ever since.

ACP: What product in your makeup kit can you not go without?

ABP: ALTOIDS! Seriously! That's a toughie. And I'll add hand sanitizer, Evian water spray, La Mer Moisturizer, Dior Show Mascara, and Rosebud Salve for Lips….Whoops! That's more than one. Too much? :)

ACP: What one product from CFW's Spring 2012 look could translate to every woman?

ABP: GREAT SKIN! It's all about having that beautiful, glowing skin. We are really loving the Trish McEvoy foundation primer. It's so important for this look to prep the skin….Thanks COS BAR!

ACP: How about one or two of the makeup trends we can expect to see?

ABP: "Fresh Foundation."  We are also loving the Clinique Liquid Illuminator to get that dewey, fresh glow for the skin. Clean liquid eye liner & nice lashes. We are also loving the Le Metier liquid eyeliner for clean and precise eyeliner. It's perfect!


ACP: What is one of the craziest backstage makeup moments you’ve had at CFW?

ABP: That's the mystique of "backstage,” you never know what could happen! However, let's just say we are very fast to think on our feet in those situations :)  The CFW Hair & Makeup Team loves the rush!


ACP: In just a few words, why do you love the power of makeup?

ABP: The instant gratification of change and beauty. It's very powerful and rewarding to be able to change someone's appearance, mood, or aesthetic in such a short period of time. There are no limits to what you can create with just a stroke of a brush or a hint of color. The possibilities are endless.  Especially with CFW, for it to be received by so many people each night, it’s amazing! I absolutely love what I do and feel so blessed to be doing it.


There you have it, my loves! Just a hint at what the lovely Ashley Brooke Perryman has up her sleeve. I don’t know about you, but she told me just enough to whet my appetite for beautiful makeup, and I simply cannot wait to see her and her crew work their magic at the tents in Marion Square.


From one artist to another, thank you for your time Ashley ~ it is always a pleasure!  

See you at the tents, dolls!