Alexander Wang x H&M Collection

Desmond Kinlaw







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NYC's darling fashion designer Alexander Wang is collaborating with Swedish fast-fashion giant H&M on a collection of offerings for women and men, plus lifestyle accessories. This marks the tenth consecutive year that the retailer will join forces with a high-end designer. It's normally a pretty successful marriage; consumers get to buy into a luxury designer's clothing at a fraction of the price of their mainline items. The collection has a dark, back-alley fight club feel. The color palate is simpleblack, gray, and white. I've contacted their customer service and have been informed that, unfortunately, our Charleston location will not get a shipment of the collection. However, it will be up on at 10 a.m. sharp on November 6. I was told that they expect it to sell out quickly. I jokingly asked, “So, if I logged on a 10:05, will it all be gone?" She didn't laugh. She either has a poor sense of humor or she believes that the collection will go that quickly. Don't let the joke be on you.


Campaign images:


Some standout pieces from the collection:



Scuba Sweatshirt $60

Parka with Printed Design $200

Hooded Shirt $350





Dress with Perforated Pattern $150

Reflective Leggings $60

Suede Boots $300


Lifestyle Accessories

Fitness Gloves $60




Edited by Felicity Rhode