Betsey Geier // June 7, 2018
On June 12, too few Charlestonians will make it out to the polls to vote in the primary elections. But, if you're planning on making it to the polls, here's everything you need to know.

Betsey Geier // June 6, 2018
Keller Williams is coming to the Windjammer on June 22. CharlestonGrit caught up with Williams to learn all about his trip to Charleston and what projects he’s working on next.

Helen Mitternight // June 4, 2018
Do we really need a fitness tracker for our periods?

Meggie Hulsey // June 1, 2018
Brother's Osborne headlined a country music show to kick off memorial day weekend.

Betsey Geier // May 30, 2018
It's the best time of year - the time for dining outdoors. And, if you're on a budget like me, it might be better to check out the happy hours. Here's our curated list.

Betsey Geier // May 29, 2018
Get your tickets to the Southern Fried Chicken Challenge before prices go up.

Betsey Geier // May 25, 2018
Looking for something to do this week? Check out Grit's curated list of go-to events.

Betsey Geier // May 23, 2018
If you don't put it on Instagram, did it really happen? Live your best list this Memorial Day with our curated selection of Instagrammable pool floats.

Betsey Geier // May 22, 2018
Local artists Briahna Wenke and Sam Rueter create art by painting live models for their upcoming exhibit "Things They Carry."

Helen Mitternight // May 20, 2018
There's a right way and a wrong way to approach Bill Murray. I chose the wrong way.

Betsey Geier // May 18, 2018
Looking for something to do this weekend? Check out the Grit's curated list of happenings this weekend and through the week.

Betsey Geier // May 18, 2018
Originally from Sumter, South Carolina, Lewis Brice is now in Nashville creating a name for himself. This weekend, he's headlining Wrenn Stock Music Festival.

Lorena Jordan // May 17, 2018
On Tuesday, the College of Charleston hosted the South Carolina Democratic Gubernatorial Primary Debate. The three candidates vying for the Democratic nomination are Phil Noble, Marguerite Willis, and James Smith.

Betsey Geier // May 15, 2018
This summer, think twice before ordering that plain ol' burger. Blended burgers are more sustainable, nutritious, and delicious!

Betsey Geier // May 14, 2018
Straws are a non-recyclable plastic and they're filling up our landfills and oceans. Take the pledge to go strawless this summer.

Betsey Geier // May 11, 2018
Looking for something to do this weekend or next week? We've selected our favorite Charleston area events just for our Grit readers!

Brandis Woods // May 10, 2018
The annual High Water music fest was a hit, once again!

Liz Youngs // May 9, 2018
It's a magical night in Awendaw at the Center for Birds of Prey's annual event Bird Song. Musical artists performed in an outdoor arena while owls hoo-ed sweetly in the background.

Betsey Geier // May 8, 2018
At the DIG SOUTH conference April 25-27, I had the opportunity to sit down with CEO David DeWolf.

Betsey Geier // May 8, 2018
Charleston is quickly becoming one of the South’s epicenters of technology. It’s even been dubbed the “Silicon Harbor.” I spent my day at the annual DIG SOUTH conference and detailed my experience.

Liz Youngs // May 7, 2018
NEEDTOBREATHE began their partnership with the golf tournament in 2013, and the rest is history. Pulling in athletes, actors, musicians and people across the globe wanting to contribute to a good cause, the event has continued to grow, and gain national attention.

Renae Brabham // April 23, 2018
When you are out and about, don't pass up the opportunity to drop into an old general store.

Helen Mitternight // April 16, 2018
A milkshake with breakfast? Yes, when it's made with Cirsea ice cream.

Robin Gibson // March 14, 2018
Lights, Camera, Action! Charleston couple welcomes viewers into their renovated home during an upcoming episode of This Old House.

Helen Mitternight // March 13, 2018
The memory was enough to lure her obtaining her culinary degree at the Art Institute in 2014 and, from there, to Poogan’s Porch and Mex-1. She joined the current restaurant back when it was called Union Provisions.

Haley Moore // March 13, 2018
So instead of sending your kids to “just another” summer camp or having to deal with them under your feet all summer, why not give them a memorable experience that they will be talking about for years? Who knows, you may just peak a new interest with your kids.

Robin Gibson // March 3, 2018
Charleston Wine + Food's Iron Mixologist shakes up the competition with an all-female roster of bartenders.

Jeanne Everett // February 26, 2018
FUN FACT: More twelve-ounce cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon are sold at Charleston’s Recovery Room Tavern than anywhere else in the United States.

Haley Moore // February 26, 2018
“You Might Be a Redneck if…”.

Anonymous // February 19, 2018
So here I am today. Still showing up. Still climbing out.

Jeanne Everett // February 16, 2018
SEWE 2018 is back with a splash (and those adorable dogs!)

Haley Moore // February 10, 2018
I was graciously invited back again this year. Last year’s conference focused a lot on the political forces in play. This year’s conference went beyond politics to really address the core of the #MeToo movement and the women’s movement in general.

Helen Mitternight // February 7, 2018
Deljuan Murphy has been executive chef at Fleet Landing for just a few weeks,and he may not be “Hidden” for much longer.

Jeanne Everett // February 3, 2018
Compete to help students and you may even win a suite at the Riverdogs!

Robin Gibson // February 2, 2018
World's largest oyster festival was a crowded, wet, shucking good time. Take that, rain.

Helen Mitternight // January 27, 2018
By the time people like us discover it, the cool crowd may have moved on

Lorena Jordan // January 23, 2018
“We have a state that’s changing demographically and culturally” Noble explained, “and we need a leader who is able to work with both sides of government to achieve new results”.

Robin Gibson // January 19, 2018
Colin Quinn brings his ONE IN EVERY CROWD show to the Holy City for a one night engagement as part of this year's Charleston Comedy Festival

Renae Brabham // January 17, 2018
No you are not going to use those giblets or that duck fat. Save them you say? For what? They’re going to be a frozen mystery baggy in 4 weeks. Jesus, just let it go...

Meggie Hulsey // January 17, 2018