28 Hairstyles in 28 Days? Hello, February!

Bailey Desiree Bial


Do you feel like you wear your hair the same way every single day? It's easy to get bored with your look when doing so. OK, so ready for a change? Instead of a dramatic hair-color change, chopping off all your hair, or getting Repunzel-length hair extensions in order to get the blasé out of your life, here are some super easy ideas on how to play around with the hair you already have and feel like a totally different gal! Follow along as I show you 28 different hairstyles for each day of February. This should keep you feeling hair-refreshed! 


Day 1: Sunday, Feb. 1—The 1/2 Top Knot

Let's be real—after a late Saturday night, you don’t want to spend a ton of time on your hair. Good news...lazy Sunday can still be a hip hair day for you with this effortless 1/2 top knot. Keeping whatever hair texture you had from the night before (whether it was straight, curled, or just a messy wave like shown here), loosely take the top section, starting at eyebrow and around the crown, and secure with a hair tie. Wrap the ponytail around in a right bun, and knot and secure with a few bobby pins. Now grab your purse and get to brunch!!



Day 2: Monday, Feb. 2—Few Braids

It's all in the attention to detail. Maybe you wear your hair down pretty much daily, but adding a few single-strand braids to your down style will immediately add some excitement. 


Day 3: Tuesday, Feb. 3—Adding Bobby Pins

Today, add a little curl to your hair using a medium-sized curling iron. You don’t need to spend much time on the curls, just pick up a few random pieces and loosely curl them, adding a little definition to your style. Grab three colored bobby pins (white, pink, any color!), and insert them parallel to each other on one side. It’s SO cute and so easy. 
Day 4: Wednesday, Feb. 4—Double Knot
Happy hump day! Time to switch it up and wear your hair up today. This double knot is a cool, messy look. Take equal amounts of hair, and simply tie the two in a knot. Secure with a couple of bobby pins. Take the two sections and knot again, and secure with bobby pins again. If you have long hair, you can even knot one more time! You will have the ends poking out, which gives it a nice “I didn’t try too hard” hair vibe. 
Day 5: Thursday, Feb. 5—Add A Turban
If you’re like me, Thursdays always seem to be a late day at work. However, a lot of times Thursdays are also popular for grabbing a cocktail with friends. If you don’t have time to run home and freshen up, try adding a cute hair accessory like this fun printed turban from ASOS.com
Day 6: Friday, Feb. 6—Loosely Slicked Back
It’s Friday, so time to sex it up a bit. Don’t be scared to pull all of your hair back and away from your face…because people do want to see you! And remember, we are getting away from the monotonous hairstyles worn on the daily and aiming for a fresh approach to hair life. 
Simply brush all of your hair straight back and secure a bobby pin behind each ear. A wee bit of hairspray and you’re good to go for a night out on the town. Maybe Barsa to start? Fun! 
Day 7: Saturday, Feb. 7—High Messy Bun
Whether you’re shopping on King Street, sipping a marg at Santi's, or relaxing at home, this bun is a always great look. Without using a brush, gather your hair in a high pony. Loosely wrap the pony around, allowing wispy pieces to spring out if they so choose, and secure with a few bobby pins. This look transitions great into night if you throw some chandelier earrings on.