1776: The best Fourth of July ideas from Pinterest

Betsey Geier

You didn’t think I was actually going to list 1,776 crafts, did you? There probably are that many ideas – or more - on Pinterest, but Fourth of July would be over before you finished reading this post.

I’ve broken down the Fourth of July into 4 main Pinterest categories: Activities, Food, Drinks, and Décor. For each of these categories, I’ll have the corresponding number from the year of our independence.


1. Fireworks – Did I have any other choice?

Cake, Crossett, Diadem, Horsetail, Kamuro, Roman Candle, Salute, Willow… and the list goes on. There are so many types of fireworks, but don’t forget that fireworks pose risks of injury. If you’re not planning on watching a show put on by professionals, you might want to stick to backyard sparklers.


1. Hotdogs and Hamburgers – Americans all over the country will be firing up the grill to cook these summertime classics. Dress yours up with these tips from The Fit Fork. My favorite tip is putting all the condiments in these cute little bowls.

2. American Flag Fruit Tray – Strawberries and blueberries are your best friend on this patriotic day. Layer strawberries and white chocolate-dipped pretzels to create the stripes and pile some blueberries in a bow for the stars. It’s an easy and quick appetizer from Passion for Savings.  

3. Rice Krispy Treats – Yum! Everything on this Life, Love and Sugar post looks amazing… and also the beginning of a Pinterest fail if I try it.

4. Star Spangled Watermelon – A simple way to bring some star-spangled spirit to your July 4th party. Thanks for the tip, At Home in Love.

5. Oreo Cake Pops – Here’s another great post with tons of good ideas, but these cake pops by Dreaming in DIY look like they’re both decorative and decadent.

6. Classic Star Spangled Cake – This Betty Crocker classic will please everyone at your backyard BBQ and is the perfect sweet treat to complement any fireworks display.


1. Red, White and Boozy Jello Shots – bonus points if you cut them into star shapes. Learn how to make them here.

2. Holiday Poptail – Short on ingredients? Just pop a rocket pop into a glass of cheap champagne. Learn how to make them here.

3. 4th of July Wine Sparklers – Just throw some strawberries and blueberries into a glass of dry white wine, and you’re sure to impress your guests. Here’s one recipe, but you can get creative.

4. Firecracker Cocktail – The only thing patriotic about this cocktail is its name, but it is a refreshing summer sip! Learn how to make it here.

5. Strawberry Mojitos – It’s red, it’s refreshing, and you can always throw some blueberries on top to get more into the spirit. Learn how to make them here.

6. All-American Colada – This layered colada will definitely put you in the spirit. Check out the recipe on Crate and Barrel.


1. Mason Jars – paint them, or buy the blue ones, but there is nothing more American than an old-fashioned Mason jar.

2. Paint a pallet – They’re everywhere, so just grab some red, white and blue paint and spread your spirit. Thanks, Saving by Design for all of these great ideas.

3. A Clothes Pin Wreath – Make one yourself, or buy one from Etsy… for next year, I guess.

4. Painted Rocks – If you’re just trying to find an idea the day before July 4th, painting a rock might not be a bad idea.

5. Ribbons – Buy all the red, white and blue ribbons that you can find and hand them from a hula hoop and hang that from a tree. It’s funky. It’s patriotic. It’s crafty.

6. Pillows – You can dress up your insides and outsides with some fun, festive pillows.

7. Blooming Stars – Put some stars in a flowerpot and watch as they burst forth into a crafty decoration. Directions from Family Holiday are here.