This Saturday You Should...


I could spend hours at the Charleston Farmers Market. Literally, though... Somehow I spent three hours there this past Saturday... Alone. But—it's just such a happy place. Live music, lots of dogs, families out and about. And a bunch of awesome locals selling awesome products. Though this leaves off a few (Rewined Candles, Charleston Coffee Roasters, Landrum Tables...), here's a mostly complete roundup of my favorite vendors. What are yours?

{Cafe Tippeneaux}

{The Scarlet Poppy}

{Fields Farm Fresh Produce}


{Ambrose Family Farms}

{King of Pops}

{Turning Native}

{Empanada Mamma}

{Earl Freeman Farm}

{Dirtworks Farm Alliance}
{Barbara's Sweetgrass Basket Products}

{Rio Bertolini's Fresh Pasta Co.}