In Sally King Benedict's Studio

I spent a gorgeous Charleston afternoon painting in local artist Sally King Benedict's studio. Inspiration abounds!

That's where I spent an afternoon last week. Not a bad place to get to hang out on a gorgeous Charleston day.




{Sally King Benedict's studio... that's her.}




















































We spent the afternoon painting. {In case you've ever wondered, painting with one of your most favorite artists ever makes for one of the most awesomest of awesome days of your life.}




{My first piece of the day, I had to put it on the easel.}

{And do you spy that beach scene in the background? It's going to be AMAZING.}





{I'm super proud of this piece above.}



































So I'm going to take up painting now. I have always said that I wish I could paint. Well, I had never tried. Turns out I love it and I think I'm not so bad after all.


Thanks so much for the fun afternoon of painting, chocolate muffins, good conversation, and Charleston breezes, Sally. I, along with the rest of Charleston, sure will miss you when you pack up for Atlanta this spring. A true Charleston gem you are.


PS, did you see Sally's studio + home feature in Matchbook Magazine's March 2012 issue? Dy-na-mite! So was her maternity fashion.