Charleston's Strawless Summer is Back


Last year, the Charleston Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation and the U.S. Bartenders Guild launched the Strawless Summer campaign. This year, it’s back for round two.

Straws are single-use plastics, which means that they cannot be recycled. Every straw ever used is sitting somewhere in a landfill, or worse, in an ocean. It takes thousands of years for them to biodegrade.

On average, people use three straws per day. If you multiply that by the number of people in Charleston County, then approximately 600,000 straws are being used and thrown away, every day.

What can I do?

If you’re offered a straw at a bar or restaurant, politely decline. The campaign encourages restaurants across the Lowcounty to provide straws only upon request, and it empowers consumers to skip the straw completely.

Some area restaurants have already switched to paper straws. They’re cute, but we’ve all experienced that mushy, soft, peeling mess. But, it’s still better to use 3 paper straws than one plastic straw.

What if I’ve gotta have my straw?

Bring your own. You can purchase a stainless steel straw - or a pack of 8 - from amazon for under $10. This one even comes with a little brush to clean out your straw. 

When does this campaign run?

The campaign launches on Memorial Day weekend and runs through Labor Day weekend. But, you can be straw-free for a lifetime! 

Take the pledge here.