Zen For Your Office? Here's One Way to Get It

Charlestonian Kelly Flourney has co-created "Zendock," a killer docking solution for the Macbook Air, Pro and Retina laptops. Here's "before" and "afters" of your desk, plus a video for how it works


I'm a huge tech guy and a sucker for anything that's made with aircraft-grade aluminum.


I have about four desks in my life (two at work, two at home) and I'm all about keeping that desk clean so I can be as efficient I can when getting my work done.


So when I heard about the Zendock, a little block that has inputs for all of your cables and wires which elimates the mess and clutter on your desk, I knew I had to back it on Kickstarter.


Oh yeah, and the co-creator and wifey of the beautiful Zendock, Kelly Flournoy aka Wonderwoman, is a Charlestonian!


Cofounder, designer, administrative, customer relations, ninja, wonder woman and of course, office chef. Aside from being so multi-talented, she enjoys spoiling her labradoodle, Marley.


So many reasons why you should check this out!


The idea for Zendock seemed like an obvious solution to a problem encountered by nearly all MacBook users. After dropping the power cable behind the desk for the last time, the decision was made that something had to change. That's when the idea for Zendock came to life and we began to develop a high quality product, which would eliminate fallen cables and cluttered desks. Zendock is made from aircraft grade aluminum and houses only the highest quality cables and electronics. ZenBoxx is located in the heart of San Francisco.


Zenboxx, the creators of the Zendock, reached the end of their Kickstarter campaign last Friday with flying colors. Their original goal was $40,000, but they ended up with $106,915, more than doubling their needed amount.


The Zendock is for MacBook/MacBook Air use only and will be available in October of this year. I seriously can't wait for mine since I am constantly taking my laptop home and to work and hate plugging in my cables everytime worrying I'll fray the cables or worse, trip and pull a hard-drive when it's already mounted!


Check them out here at Zenboxx and watch thier video below explaining this extremely useful product.