Youth Model Brings Aged Excellence To The Indie Rock Youth Movement

Ben Grenaway



While the name may be deceiving, Youth Model isn’t your typical fresh-faced indie pop band hoping to squirm their way into the hearts of teeny-boppers.



“We’re not young, man. Matt is 31 and I’m 44. We feel like we’re making an impression all kinds of listeners though,” stated Randy Borawski of Youth Model. 


Youth Model is a Columbia, SC upstart indie-rock band currently comprised of a minimalist duo with Borawski on the drums and Matt Holmes handling vocals and guitar. While much of mainstream indie music has seen a general rise in high level production, Randy hopes to keep things as simple as possible. Youth Model’s frenetic melodies are influenced mostly by '90s rock. Their desire for musical simplicity fits right right in with their proclaimed influencers of Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, and Stone Temple Pilots.


Youth Model had relative success with their self-titled debut album, but believe that their newest album, Open Season, will foster a growth of young and old listeners alike. Borawski opened up to Charleston Grit as to what can be expected from Open Season, a pay-as-you-like album available on Soundcloud and other musical outlets.





“One thing I like about this record is that even though there is different instrumentation and styles, it all feels so cohesive with Matt's vocals layered on top. The record is more indie-rock that the last Youth Model release, which is what Matt was envisioning. Eric McCoy, our producer, and I took the idea and ran with it. We’re so happy with the sound we created together and are excited to share it with our growing audience.”



Matt and Randy may have started out playing in low-lit Columbia, SC bars, but they are slowly becoming known across the Carolinas, and are set to open up raucous shop with Beach Tiger at The Royal American on December 6th. It is more than ramping up ticket or album sales, it is merely two men following their desire to take a little from the past, a little from the present, and create something truly unique.


“This new record represents who we are musically. Matt and I are in it to win it, we’re not as young as we used to be. We’re spending our hard earned money on gas to travel to play music because that’s what we love to do.“




For more information on the current Youth Model tour, or for tickets to their December 6th Royal American gig, you can visit their website.