Wine On Wednesdays

Diana Barton

Middleton Place might be the closest I'll ever come to living in a fairy tale. The oaks dripping in Spanish moss, serene ponds, sprawling gardens, and buildings that are full of history make you feel as if you've stepped back in time to a place that you never want to leave. Last night, I visisted the plantation for the first of their fall wine strolls, happening every Wednesday now through October. After spending an almost magical evening sipping vino at the Crane Pool, I don't think I'll miss a Wednesday from now on. 


Upon arrival, we were given a menu for the evening that detailed the wine selection—one red and one white—at each of the four tables set up in the garden behind the restaurant. After that, we were free to roam the grounds sampling libations until our hearts were content (or until we had eight punches on our piece of paper). 




A small trail ran through a wooded area next to the Crane Pool, where I had a stunning view of the Butterfly Gardens at sunset. 



The sprawling lawn was the perfect place for guestst to mingle after grabbing a glass of vino.



Water views were at every turn, as well as marsh and beautiful forrest. 



My favorite drink of the evening was a blonde sangria, made with champagne, white wine, pineapple juice, Sprite, and oranges.



I loved that the staffers were so knowledgable about the wines they were serving as well as the history of the plantation and what it has to offer. This is Michael, a Summerville native, who says his mom loves to visit the plantation to see the resident water buffalo, a species that was brought from East Asia to help with the rice crops once grown at Middleton Place.



The first floor of this building was built in 1741 and houses the spring, providing fresh water and a sort of refridgeration for the property. Later, a second floor was added as a chapel.



Alligators inhabit the ponds of Middleton, and this little guy kept his head on the bank throughout the evening, curious to see who was hanging out at his home.



The evening was a spectacular one, and needless to say I will be back for more, especially on October 29 for the masquerade-themed stroll.