Will MTV Give a Crap About a Petition?

Instant Grit

Live 5 News is reporting that there's a petition circulating (as of yesterday) to put the kibosh on any MTV plans to film a "Real World Charleston." Find that article here. We're thinking whoever started that petition read Grit's 3 Real World Bad Ideas blog posted on Tuesday and got super spooked. Well... either that, or they actually WATCHED an episode of Real World (again, is that still on?) and got freaked the fuck out.


Want to sign the petition? Do it here, on the Change.org site. Here's an excerpt from the plea:


The purpose of this petition is to stop MTV from filming their new TV show here in Charleston, SC. The city is too jam-packed as it is. It takes 15 minutes to go one mile in some areas of the peninsula as a result of how many people are here, and it is creating a huge inconvenience for those that call Charleston their home. Sign this petition and hopefully we can show MTV that there simply is not enough room for them to film their reality show here.




So there's that. But... since we're talking "reality" here, might as well get real for a sec. Signing the petition is a fine idea. But what the hell is an MTV producer going to do with that? I mean, besides add it to the stack he/she likely received from Portland, Seattle, New York, San Diego, Peoria, Houston, wherever...


"Real World San Diego" house, Brent Haywood Photography Blog


Wait, here's ONE thing they might do: realize they're stirring the pot, creating a brouhaha, mixing up mayhem. And what MTV exec wouldn't want that? (Insert producer meeting high-fives and corks popping here.) Not saying it's a reason not to sign, but the City of Charleston maybe would pay mind to a petition, but MTV? Meh. 


Meanwhile, we just wonder which stack is higher: the one with lists of peeps who want them to peddle their reality elsewhere, or the one with head shots and bios from wannabe starlets dying to strip down to their sequined booty shorts and prance around on the show.