What you Need to Know about the SC Primaries

On June 12, too few Charlestonians will make it out to the polls to vote in the primary elections. But, if you're planning on making it to the polls, here's everything you need to know.

If you’re like most people, you want to do your civic duty and vote, but you aren’t always sure what’s on the ballot and when you should get out there.

On June 12, South Carolina will be voting in a primary election, which involves candidates who are seeking ballot spots for the November 6 general election.

The Big One

The big primary election this year is state governor. Former governor Nikki Haley was called up to Washington, D.C. to serve as Ambassador to the United Nations. This left Henry McMaster in charge.

The 2018 SC Gubernatorial Candidates

Phil Noble, Democratic

James Smith, Democratic 

Marguerite Willis, Democratic

Kevin Bryant, Republican

John Yancey McGill, Republican

Henry McMaster, Republican, Incumbent

Catherine Templeton, Republican

John Warren, Republican

Depending on where you live, your ballot may look a little different. This is what my sample ballot will look like for Charleston County, 29412. Take a look at your sample ballot by visiting SCvotes.org.

Charleston County will also be voting on a U.S. House of Representatives District 01 Candidate. On the ballot this time around:  

Joe Cunningham, Democratic

Toby Smith, Democratic

Katie Arrington, Republican

Dimitri Cherny, Republican

Mark Sanford, Republican, Incumbent

If you’re voting on a Republican ticket, you also get to vote for Secretary of State and Attorney General. If you’re voting on the Democratic ticket, you get to vote on Probate Judge. Both parties have candidates running in the Register of Deeds election.

Advisory Questions

Advisory Questions are developed and certified to be placed on the ballots by the political parties.

On the Democratic ballot, you will be asked the following two questions:

  • Do you support passing a state law allowing doctors to prescribe medical marijuana to patients?
  • Do you support passing a state law requiring the governor of South Carolina to accept all federal revenues offered to support Medicaid and Medicaid expansion efforts in the state? 

On the Republican ballot, you will be asked the following two questions:

  • Do you believe that voters should have the option to choose to affiliate with a political party when they register to vote or change their voter registration in South Carolina?
  • Do you believe that South Carolina’s tax code should be brought into conformity with the new Trump tax cuts in the federal tax code for maximum simplification and to lower the overall tax burden on South Carolina taxpayers and businesses?

Resources: 2018 SC Voters Election Guide, WIS News | 2018 SC Gubernatorial Race | SCvotes.org