Kasey Baltz

Ever heard of RAZ Productions? It is a new event planning and consultation company in Charleston! 

Robert David, the creator of RAZ, attended the College of Charleston, class of '14, and majored in business administration with a concentration in entrepreneurship. He started RAZ Productions after college in the heart of Charleston

"RAZ started off as a DJ company that focused on private events in Charleston and then led to event planning and even into the tech space," David said.

RAZ was once a social media app but after a lot of hard work, RAZ Productions is now an official event planning and event consultation company in Charleston. Today, David is gearing his company toward using it as a platform to help the world. 

David's mission is to create and support events that lead to a positive impact in communities. RAZ specializes in events that focus on sustainability, wellness, or community. RAZ's recent event in Charleston is SMAD-CON (Social Makes A Difference Conference). The SMAD-CON community has been a huge success in supporting sustainability in Charleston.

"SMAD-CON has been focused on the balance of wellness, with a holistic approach for promoting a more sustainble community by creating, "SMAD-FAM"" David said. 

One recent example of a SMAD-CON event is the "Tree Dedication" which allows people to purchase "tree packages." The company will plant a tree or flower in your name and take care of it year round. 

David hopes that RAZ can inspire people to collaborate with each other in order to support our worlds. David is making his passions a reality by bringing together a community of like minded people to help social and environmental change through social media and events. 




Check it out:

RAZ Productions: https://www.razproductionslive.com/

SMAD-CON: https://www.smadcon.com/