Living in Charleston, we expect perfect sunny beach weather every day. So, what do we do when it is a gloomy week ahead?

Pokemon or Batman, don't we all just want a little summer fun.

Five Five Studio is built on the traditional practices of weaving and quilting curated with her modern eye.

I don't understand why people jog down the city's busiest shopping district. I see them, and I want to chase after them and ask: "Why are you REALLY here?"

The life and works of Edgar Allen Poe at the Dock Street? I mean really... is there more haunting a trio than Charleston, Halloween, and this dark and brooding writer? Here's a sneak peek

Here's the real lesson in human nature from the local saga: when we witness our mortality (even through another's) and do what's right in the moment, that's when we really begin to live

Trust me on this—these vintage-style, small-print wallpapers and textiles are as well-suited for a modern interior as they are in a country farmhouse

Who doesn't love the elusive, sexy, done-yet-undone look for your locks? I took the new Texture Hair Crème from Bumble & bumble on a test drive...