The Voice

World's largest oyster festival was a crowded, wet, shucking good time. Take that, rain.

And so I approach the one year anniversary of the demise of not the first, but my second marriage. And I'm still pretty pissed off about it. I've sworn I was over it in many Full Moon releases, through prayer and meditation, "let it go," moved beyond it, but it is undeniably grief. And grief never really goes away, it is only assimilated into our daily lives, it's carried. So here's to grief in all its painful, soul-scooping, heart-rendering, mind-trapping beauty.

“When you criminalize the poor, this is class war!” The Peoples Solidarity Society held a protest against the new law banning pan handling in Charleston, SC. The new ordinance prohibits anyone — including panhandlers, people collecting money for charities, handing out religious fliers or selling newspapers — from passing items to or from the occupant of a vehicle on a roadway in a traffic lane.

Instead of ranting on social media about prayer in schools or passing judgement on the beliefs of others, maybe it's time for so-called Christians to focus on the real issues.

Kat Robichaud performed among the glitz and glamour of Hollywood as a top ten finalist on NBC's The Voice, but her August 31 performance at DELUGE promises to be a wet and wild bash more her style.

Elise Testone blew away the Charleston Music Hall last night with a collection of covers that inspired her and an array of original songs from her debut CD in one fantastic live performance.

Looking to spread the love this Valentine's Day? Give your heart to a great cause by catching "Heartbreak Cabaret" and raise money for some very special children in need at MUSC's Children's Hospital.

Was there anything more horrific & inane than the Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Answer: Yes. Me, in high school... What would you find if you took a peek at your 18-year-old self? Good? Bad? Or way ugly?

The Royal Tinfoil gets weird in the recording studio in West Ashley as the band members work on their new album. Hint: having a liquor store next door is a PLUS....

Hall & Oates proved it's still a solid entertainment duo decades after "Maneater," and outlaw country artist Eric Church rocked the Coliseum (amidst fans who couldn't quite hold their liquor...)

A trip to The Pour House to see one of my current favorites (The Royal Tinfoil) yielded the bonus of discovering another (The Whiskey Gentry)

We loved Jane's anecdote—where she went from former Fortune 500 telecommunications exec to '60s-era secretary in a hot minute—because she forced us to decide: What would WE do in her shoes?

Recently, an older man in a business club I belong to downtown, beckoned me—a stranger—to come take notes for him on a call, then dismissed me. Decision time: SEETHE, or SEIZE the moment?

... And as good as ever. The trio stopped by the North Charleston PAC on Wednesday, sharing songs from their new album, beloved 90's hits, and some top-notch entertainment

As part of North Chuck's 40-year celebration, Earth Wind & Fire blew the roof off the North Charleston Coliseum Tuesday night, proving that they've still got it

Installment 10 of 11 in the Ben Flajnik Trainwreck series