Deep Water

It comes in the wake of my repentance.
My shirt soaked in remorse,
facing the empty bed I made for myself.
The ownership of tossing my love overboard.
Hearing the voice that used to whisper,
"I love you" in the night.
Almost too much to bear when I think
of her smiling at you.
Feigning consideration, she only wanted
what belonged to me.
She didn't care about the price I paid for it.
Sleeping in your arms she's safe in the knowledge,
that I was also pitched into the ocean.
My dark side hates what she is,
karma is coming for her.
The robber of her sister's lover,
there's no escaping the truth for the adulteress.
An anchor on her heart in the deep water.
Her payment will be steep, along with you,
the betrayer of our oath.
She simply took you further down the path of disregard.
Where you swore you would never go,
the very sin that I've now confessed stares
at you both in the mirror.
Remember that when you look in her eyes.
I kept my promise, I kept my pride,
sequestered, waiting, tired.
You chose her song to feed your broken ego.
My weaknesses did not justify,
your betrayal of the light.
I will meet you both at the bottom of the sea.