VIDEO: Shepic Fail - Episode 2 | The Fookin Pub

In episode two of Shepic Fail, Gerry Kieran, owner of Seanachai on Johns Island, attempts to transform the guys from barflies to bartenders.



Shep and Hunter like to try new things. Sometimes, they excel. Other times, they fail...epically. This week, Seanachai owner Gerry Kieran takes Shep and Hunter under his wing...and behind the bar. Will they be able to hold (or juggle) their liquor? Will they find themselves shaken or stirred? Muddled and befuddled? Watch to find out.



What Shep Learned:


At Seanachai, I learned that after sitting at a bar and ordering drinks for the last 15 years, I still have no idea what I'm doing behind the bar. So, essentially, I've learned nothing from the past.


I was also pleasantly reminded that people from Ireland are cool, laid back, and love to drink. I celebrate these characteristics and, therefore, am happy to now call Gerry a friend.


And finally, I confirmed what I already knew...that Craig is an lovable imbecile. Like Forrest Gump.


What Hunter Learned:


I can make a good drink. It is reassuring to know that my Esquire subscription has paid off, but given my history with alcohol, this is akin to if Superman was really good at making Kryptonite.


Seanachai quickly became one of my favorite bars in Charleston, namely because it has one of the most alluring qualities that I look for in a bar: minimal lighting. There are also no televisions and plenty of whiskey. Which, now that I think about it, makes it a lot like my apartment. But don’t we all just want a bar that feels like home?


Gerry is one of the most genuine people I have had the pleasure of meeting in my two and a half years of living in Charleston, and I hope you’ll stop by and see him for a drink.