Tricks For Hiding "Allergy Eyes"

Spring is here, baby! Along with Charleston's pesky pollen. Remedy your red eyes with these quick tips

Spring is here, baby! And how do I know? First, my car that is normally white is now a creamy mushroom soup-shade of yellow. But who cares about my car! It's the second reason that is really getting me down: My puffy red eyes look like I have been on a nonstop party streak for three days straight. Pesky pollen is in full force, leaving most of my clients looking like Jessica Rabbit. 


Aside from getting a prescription for allergy meds, here are a few ACP tips that will help hide and disguise those pesky red eyes. Yes, you can actually face people during allergy season (and Wedding Season!) without hiding behind the latest pair of Chanel sunglasses! A quick little side note on this: Unless you are avoiding the paparazzi, sunglasses really are meant to be worn outdoors... I don't care how fabulous they are.


1. Good eye drops are the key! And Alaway eye drops are the best out there. They are a godsend for allergies, and I'd be lying if I did not say that I have also used them for masking late nights out. Oh Alaway, how I owe you. :)


2. Apply eyeshadow primer or concealer on the upper lid of the eye since we get puffy and red there, too. A lot of women focus on the under-eye area but forget about the lid, which is half the battle in brightening red, puffy, allergy-ridden eyes. I love Trish McEvoy Eye Base Essentials, and I also recently found a CoverGirl eye base that is pretty darn fabulous.


3. Now listen up because this next step is the BIG FIX for red eyes... and so easy. Stick to the basics with shadow. Yes, you little makeup mavens, the basics I say. When you are trying to hide and disguise red eyes, matte brown shadow with a hint of taupe is the answer. Stay away from purples, mauve, pastels, or any hue that has a hint of red in it. Brown and basic will do the trick.


4. I am a little nervous to mention my next tip because I am afraid you might jump out of your seat and head for hills. Use a navy mascara and/or navy eye pencil, as this will brighten the whites of your eyes. Are you still with me? Or have you clicked off this blog and think that I'm a mad man? If you look at fine paintings you will see that many artists use a hint of blue around their subjects' eyes. Why? Because it brightens the eyes and brings them forward. Trust me on this one, honey.


5. White or shell-colored pencil is a lifesaver. Apply it around the inner rim of the eye to calm redness. Be gentle when applying and make sure that you blend, blend, blend.


6. And my last tip... Stop rubbing your eyes. Not only does rubbing irritate them, it messes up all of the work we just did getting you ready to face the world, despite those damn pollens trying to bring you down!


Until next time my loves!