Opinions are split over the firing of Wando High school teacher Chris Posten. Do you think he's a Jackass, 2?

Less than a month ago, Christopher Poston, a sociology teacher at Wando High, showed an excerpt of the Academy Award-worthy feature film Jackass 2 to students in a Latin class where he was substituting. Said clip featured puppet-dressed male genitalia getting bitten by a snake. If you're thinking, "Who wants to watch that?" the answer's in the story: they're high school students. Most would watch literally anything.


…And yesterday news broke that Christopher Poston's mini-screening got him a pink slip. Here’s a recap of the whole ordeal, by-tha-numbas.


1: Number of students lame enough to tell their mom about seeing the clip.


3: Minutes of the film Posten showed the class before realizing that it had become “increasingly inappropriate.”


4: Seconds it should’ve taken Posten to realize the film had become “increasingly inappropriate.”


36: Poston’s current age (also the age in which he had to move back into his mom and dad’s basement).


95: Percent of the class who had likely already seen Jackass 1, 2, and 2.5. 


1,932: Number of supporters Poston has on Change.org who are commenting, arguing, and standing against the firing decision. (Change.org: the site where, “Millions of people sign petitions each month on thousands of issues, winning campaigns every day to advance change locally and globally.”) 


#: The way-too-overused Twitter symbol that's been nonsensically employed for students’ "I SUPPORT #POSTEN” t-shirts. 


Speaking of the t-shirt, the back of it reads: "The man who has impacted thousands of children's lives," and is signed, #TEAMPOSTEN. What do you think? Is he more teacher than a three-minute movie clip, or are you not losing sleep over him getting the boot?