Summer-Proof Your Beauty Routine

Spencer Barnhart



Summer in Charleston is unique. As the weather gets warmer, trips to Marion Square are more frequent, brunch on a patio on one of the islands is a staple, and a day lying on the beach is what we work so hard during the week for. When you live in a city with what are considered some of the most beautiful people in the world, it’s easy to overdo it with your makeup on 100-degree days. Skip the extra layer of foundation and matte-finish powders. Switching up your products during the summer can give you the polished look you want while still looking and feeling beach-y and boldly bare.


Every year, I get the same questions and concerns about cosmetics during the summer:

How do I weather-proof it?

My foundation is too thick to wear on hot days!

How do I make my skin appear dewy, not oily?!


Start with a skin-care routine. We expose our skin to the elements once we start venturing outside more. After you cleanse, apply your serum, and moisturize, the best thing you can do for yourself is sunscreen! I cannot stress the importance of sunscreen enough. According to The International Dermal Institute, the number one cause of aging is daylight exposure. Start now, ladies—you’ll thank yourself in 10 years. 



After your slather yourself in sunscreen, instead of using my Jonny Cosmetics RE: Texture Creme Primer and foundation in two separate steps, I cocktail the two of them together, creating a hydrating and long-lasting semi-sheer coverage. Some people also prefer to use a tinted moisturizer with extra SPF for even less coverage. Sometimes, it’s nice to give your skin a chance to breathe. 



After applying your base, the key to dewy-looking clean skin is a sheer highlighter. I’ve tried a lot of highlighters throughout my career as an artist and have narrowed down my favorite based on my needs. I encourage you to play with some of the options out there and figure out what’s best for you. For this particular look, I used the Cynthia Rowley Brightening Illuminator. It gives me that barely there glow without feeling thick, or worse…glittery. Don’t get me wrong, glitter is my favorite color, but on my pseudo-bare face? Pass.



Go back to basics with your bronzer. Skip the Kim K. contour and with a rich, warm bronzing powder, follow a “3” shape around your face, starting at the top of the temple down to the chin. Who says we can’t fake sun-baked skin? E.L.F blush bronzer duos are my favorite inexpensive daily bronzers. They last forever, come in a variety of shades, and are usually under $6! 


I finished off the look with MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in “Centre of Attention,” generously applied with a powder brush. I prefer blush and mascara to be minimal, but use your best judgment. 



Finish with NYX Dewey Finish Setting Spray for all-day wear power.


Outdoor light


Indoor Light


Taking off the high-fashion cream contour is a great way to renew and refresh your skin. Creating a beach-y, sun-kissed look takes all of 10 minutes and makes it a little bit easier to stay on par with Charleston’s reputation of gorgeous people, even through the 100-degree days.