Summer Picnic, Anyone?

Tara Guérard

Necessities for entertaining your friends with a summer picnic!


1. An adorable new picnic basket for the season (like this one)—the bigger the

better, to hold more food


2. Because I'm basing this picnic off of an orange scheme, I am obsessed with

this beach blanket for this summer


3. Simple food is the best for the beach, like chicken salad or turkey sandwiches. My favorite is chicken salad in the summer (especially North Charleston's Doe's Pita's chicken salad)! 


4. These Bongenre plates are my new favorites! Having 3 kids under 5, it is amazing

to find great looking plastic plates!


5. This new wine tray is great for picnics and easily found everywhere


6. A cool treat at the end of a summer meal is always the best! I can't wait to

try this recipe for Mimosa Popsicles!