stylePublic Spotlight: Library by Lauren Lail

stylePublic Spotlight: Library by Lauren Lail

A peek inside the local trendsetter's fresh new line, what's on her inspiration board, and the one thing she hates most about fashion

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I have always been in awe of Lauren Lail, not just for her endless style savvy but also for the fact that she cleverly named her vintage retail business Library: Archives of Fashion with a boutique named Novel. Yes, you just got served. Nothing beats fresh vision in the realm of fashion. This month delivers the birth of another Lail creation…her own line. Get to know this trend setter:


Collection/Line Name: Library by Lauren Lail


Why the leap from curating vintage to a clothing line?

The clothing line was an organic evolution of the vintage collection, which is still the driving inspiration and creative foundation for the entire brand.


3 best moments in delivering this collection:

1) being in NY in the freezing cold and visiting the factory where the garments are made—realizing this was really happening! 2) collaborating with one of my Novel. partners and best friends, Way Way Allen, who painted the custom fabric for one of the skirts in the collection 3) seeing the collection worn on all different types of women!


First Designer you ever bought: Gucci, I bought myself a watch.


If you could eat your line, what would it taste like: Watermelon sorbet on a breezy summer day



3 things on your mood/inspiration board: 

1) a pic of my husband’s grandma on her honeymoon in Miami Beach, sitting on the top of the back seat of a Cadillac convertible 2) lots of different fabrics in feminine color combinations 3) a scarab necklace my friend, Jane Pope, gave me when I first started Library, meaning rebirth.



Love about fashion: It allows you to tell a story without any words.


Hate about fashion: Limits!


Photos by Olivia Rae James


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