Stop Blindly Searching for Beauty Buys

Five steps to making the most out of a makeup consultation (without draining your bank account)

Would you represent yourself in court without the assistance of a lawyer? Would you operate on yourself in lieu of having a doctor? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then skip this post because this tip isn’t for you! But if you answered with a resounding “NO” then listen up, my lovelies, I’m here to give you the most important pointer on finding the right cosmetics for you: Develop a relationship with a makeup artist. Why waste your time wandering the aisles in blind confusion, picking up that shade of peach that you think might kinda sorta work for you, then get home to find that your new peach blush makes you look like a Oompa Loompa? Oh my!


Avoid this disaster by seeking out a professional who can help guide you to the colors and products that are right for you. A professional beauty consultant will serve as your compass and can map out your beauty regime from start to finish for an entire season. Here are a few ways to make the most of your consultation.


ACP’s Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Makeup Artist

1. Really open up about your lifestyle and how much makeup you are actually going to wear. Do you wear it to the gym or only to the office and when you are going out? That tells the consultant a lot and helps to guide the appointment. Also, let the artist know where you apply and how much time you spend on your makeup routine. Do you do it at your vanity or in the car on the way to work? Really be honest.


2. Bring a photo or give a good description of what you expect. A certain look may mean something completely different to you as it does to me. I have had clients ask for "natural" makeup, only to then find out their idea of "natural" was a smoky eye complete with wing tipped eye liner—I would not have known what their interpretation was unless I had seen a photo. You might get a little ego from the artist, but they should meet you in the middle if you follow tip number three.


3. Have an open mind and give the professional room to use their talents and to show you what they think works best. After all, it is only makeup my dear... you can always wash it off.


4. Bring your own makeup with you to your consultation. It is customary to purchase a few of the products your artist uses on you, but don't feel pressured to buy the whole lot. If you show them what you are using already, they can incorporate a few new items into your collection at a time, depending on your comfort and spending level. They can also provide you with some fantastic samples, letting you give a product a “test drive” before you make a commitment.


5. Run for your life if you come across a consultant whose more concerned about the sale and less concerned about how to make you look your best. Your cosmetic artist should have the goal of forming a genuine partnership with you. So if you run into a pushy sales person... put your credit card back in your purse and move on to the next artist.


Until next time my loves!