Southern Charm. What We Learned. Episode 2.

Hunter Gardner

What a great follow up episode right, folks? Friends, lovers, a poor understanding of the English language: Episode two really had it all.  


Thomas Ravenel is out for love, hoping to “kick the tires” before he buys the car (that’s a sex innuendo, you guys) and find the one that will birth him a son to carry on the family name (plus, a shot at $10,000 from his dad). He aims high with Shep’s ex, Danni, but falls flat. 


In other heated romantic news, Shep hooks up with Craig’s “Kindergarten Crush,” Kathryn, with seemingly no remorse. Wait, wasn’t Kathryn T-Rav’s hook up last week? Is this show subtitled “Six Degrees Of Whose Hooked Up With Shep?” 


Eh, whatever, everyone’s drunk, so who cares?


My friend Brian and I hit the streets of Charleston again this week end to check in with you nice people and hear your thoughts. Check out the video below, and don’t miss episode three tonight on Bravo at 10:00.