From Seeking Indigo to Gray (and Frank)

Helen Mitternight



Fans of Seeking Indigo, the wellness center on upper King, can give a cheer—or at least a happy om—because the place has been reborn as Frank & Gray under new ownership.



Owners Gray Mixson and Darren Frank



Frank & Gray is named after owners Darren Frank, an attorney from Charlotte, and Gray Mixson, whom many may recognize from her time at Seeking Indigo.


Shauna Hardin, Frank & Gray general manager


“We like to say that Darren is the attorney who offers the black and white that offsets the Gray,” Shauna Hardin, general manager, says.


Hardin too is a familiar face as she was one of the most popular yoga instructors at the old Seeking Indigo.



Browsing wares at Frank & Gray



Alas, the new space won’t be offering yoga – maybe a wise move with the influx of new studios such as Urban Flow right across the street. It will be offering an array of spa services, such as traditional massages, facials, acupuncture and cupping, as well as less traditional services such as a warm ginger compress, a bed of crushed amethyst crystals that vibrate and deliver infrared heat to massage at “the molecular level,” and an intuitive tarot reading. By summer’s end, Frank & Gray will be adding a meditation studio and a meditation series led by an instructor who has studied with Deepak Chopra.


The meditative spa room


Jewelry at Frank & Gray


Also expanded is the upscale bohemian retail area in front, with soft hoodies and cool lounging or yoga clothes, as well as crystal and gem-based jewelry, including original pieces by jewelry designer Dana Phillips of Tulaa Jewelry. A new addition is colorful baskets of lacy lingerie.


All Photos By Ferris Kaplan