Rename Home Team’s Signature Spirit

Instant Grit

See a smiling (stumbling?) someone holding a tall, nondescript Styrofoam cup on Sullivan’s, and you know: they’ve got themselves a Painkiller. Ah, yes, Home Team BBQ’s famous frozen spirit—known for its subtle touch of nutmeg and equally subtle, though slightly more dangerous, stiffness.


And while the drink may always kill pain (and cause some, after-the-fact), its days of dubbing the official title are numbered, as Home Team recently got word that the name of their signature cocktail’s a trademarked good. 


No worries, the recipe’s sticking around. And actually, there’s reason to celebrate, as the BBQ spot’s letting we the people rename the drink, and be in the running for some seriously awesome prizes. 


Here's what participants with the top five entries will win:

5th: $50 gift certificate. (= 8 Painkillers)


4th: $100 gift certificate. (= 16 Painkillers)


3rd: $150 gift certificate. (= 25 Painkillers)


2nd: $250 gift certificate. (= 41  Painkillers… or, of course, a truckload of wings, sandwiches, and wraps)


1st: Not just pride, the winner gets a $25 gift certificate PER WEEK for ONE YEAR, plus a VIP card for free admission to all shows… lasting FOREVER.


How to Participate:

Enter your suggestion via the form listed here by Friday, October 12, 2012. From the entries, the Home Team… team… will chose the top five finalists, from which the public will vote for the winner from October 22 through November 9.


The new name will be announced during Home Team’s 6th anniversary celebration, November 17 at their West Ashley location.


Home Team BBQ

1205 Ashley River Road, West Ashley, (843) 225-7427

2209 MIddle Street, Sullivan's Island, (843) 883-8181