Redux Open Gallery Presents Talented Local Artists


Redux Contemporary Art Center pairs as a nonprofit and home to private studios, darkroom and print shop. Many local artists rent sleek spaces from the studio to work on their ongoing projects. Last night, the artists welcomed the public behind the scenes with drinks, food and chatting about their recent work.

It was hard to get to every room because there were so many people gazing in awe at the beautiful pieces everywhere you looked. However, I was able to peek into every room and get a taste of each artist's ideas. One artist in particular I have gotten to know, even before the opening, is Meredith Steele. I hung around her studio to chat about recent projects and look at her colorful prints and original paintings. 


According to Steele, it all started for her in Charleston. She attended college in the city where she picked up her first paint brush 8 years ago. She has since moved to Jackson Hole, grown as an artist and returned to devote more time to her passion. "Now, I am so excited to be in a space surrounded by so much creativity and so many inspiring individuals." 

Steele has a keen eye for what’s around her. Close friend Mary Scott Neill speaks highly of Steele’s passion, “I’ve known her since she was painting the Tetons in Jackson. I’ve always enjoyed her creativity, usually inspired by the natural beauty around her. I now have four amazing pieces by Meredith-- each one is different, filled with color and her unique perspective.”

Learn more about Meredith and her amazing work here