Ragged Ravenel

Instant Grit

Arthur J Ravenel Bridge, what, the hell, are you doing? Over the past few weeks, days, you've seen some serious stuff man. From being frozen into a susbended skating lane, to being opened back up as the set from Point Break to being closed BACK down because you were playing Ice-a-mole with cars brave enough to run the gauntlet. You made everyone mad that they had to stay in Mount Pleasant for a few freezing days, and then you made everyone mad again by making them drive all the around to your older, rickity cousin, the Don Holt Bridge just to get back home. 

Those issues, aren't even your fault. Now we've got stories like this where guys are stopping their Lexus in the middle of the bridge, and then two years later, doing it again, except this time with a minivan, to "prove a point." The only point that you're going to prove is that there's a road backed up full of pissed motorists that want you to stop pulling your Mad Max stunt and get off the bridge. 

The saddest part of these latest Ravenel Bridge stories happened just today when a person jumped from the bridge around 2 PM. The body, yet to be identified, was pulled from the water near Remley Point. It's horrible that things would get so bad that someone would resort to that as an option. Our thoughts go out to them and their family.

No matter when happens, Arthur J Ravenel suspension bridge, you're always there. We'll run over you in April for the Bridge Run, we'll take pictures of the dolphins surfing the waves of the massive tankers coming and going and we'll probably only refer to you as the Cooper River Bridge after a certain reality show comes out. All that to say we love you bridge...

but swear to God if you freeze over again, it is OVER!