Pink Street Party at the Gibbes!

Ayoka Lucas

Pink, pink, pink! That was the theme of this year's Gibbes Museum of Art Street Party, seen in all the photos in the gallery above. I got to attend the this 4th annual event (held Thursday, May 2), which unveiled their top selections for their People's Choice exhibit. Pink lights lit up the Gibbes, much of the food seemed to be some variation of the color, and many of the attendees showed up sporting the hue.

Charleston's top chefs were there showing off a blend of visual and culinary arts with food from Charleston's popular resturants. FIG, Cypress, The Glass Onion, Hank's, The Macintosh, and Red Drum to name a few. My favorite, of course, were the sweets provided by Sugar Bakeshop and WildFlour Pastry. Sugar even provided a 'to go' cookie station for party goers as they left!  That's my kind of party, ya'll.
Each year the Gibbes plans something special for the guests related to the works chosen for the exibit. Last year it was a flash dance, this year, some of the celebrity judges and Gibbes employees dressed up as figures from the selected works. They then blasted the music and threw a giant dance party complete with clowns, jugglers and performers on stilts. Even the little spurts of rain throughout the night couldn't stop this block party from going full out!

Check out more info on the Gibbes People's Choice exhibit now open at


Guest Grit by Bergen Specia


{The author of "Pink Street Party at the Gibbes!" is Bergen, an aspiring stylist who spends her days scouring the city for cool vintage finds, wasting way too much time at her favorite local coffee shop, collaborating with fashion folks on nifty photo shoots and of course, going to the coolest parties around town.}