Papadosio: Imaginal Cells Tour 2014 at the Music Farm

Papadosio is a band well worth a listen. They literally have music down to a science and know exactly how to push all your right buttons. Here's a recap from their tour stop here in Chucktown.


Originally from Athens, Ohio, quintet Papadosio (who now live in Asheville, NC) are some of my favorite artists out there, and they are definitely gaining in popularity as of late. In terms of band dynamics, these guys are the bee’s knees, the cat’s meowessentially, they are the s#!t. Though grouped into the umbrella category of jam band, these guys have their own twist, with a truly original sound that blends progressive rock with folk and psychedelia, and dance with jam. All the while, they are interweaving an inspirational message that touches each human being's connection with nature.


Formed in 2006, the band members include Anthony Thogmartin on guitar, keys, and vocals; Mike Healy on the drums; Rob McConnell on bass and vocals; and brothers Billy and Sam Brouse on keys and vocals. Visionary and lead songwriter for the band Anthony steals the show every time I see them live with his sensational dread-bun and powerful lyrical message. It's no wonder Papadosio has accumulated a massive following of other like-minded individuals who care about unity and sustaining our earth. At the Music Farm last weekend, they played a classic, the song “Cue,” which is all about taking cues from nature to help preserve the earth. They also played plenty of music off of their much anticipated new live album, Night & Day, a collection of unreleased songs filmed and recorded live from a cabin in the Appalachian Mountains. Releasing videos of the jam sessions online, the band is developing a whole new dimension and insight into their music by providing up-close camera angles, HD audio, and a glimpse into their artistic genius. They played my favorite song off the new album, “New Love,” as the second encore that night. After waiting the whole show to hear it, they jammed for about 10 to 15 minutes on "New Love," even adding more improvisation. Definitely give “New Love” a listen below, and you’ll see what I’m saying! Within each of their sets, there is a theme of deep understanding of the world we live in and unity among each other, which their music reflects. Their lighting design and visuals have also been carefully crafted to weave perfectly into the music and amplify its effects. I loved that they played the songs “Taking Turns” and “We Choose” off their new album, but then threw a few oldies in the mix, like “Find Your Cloud” and “Hippie Babysitter.” “Cloud Found” was another great jam that got the crowd dancing.


It was definitely not a sold-out show, which facilitates for a more relaxed, casual concert experience. There was plenty of room to frolick around and dance interpretively. I also wanted to mention a tidbit about Anthony’s side project, Earth Cry. Sending you soaring on the clouds of consciousness, the sounds have each been tuned to a tone in the ancient solfeggio scale, which allows the musician to hear a pitch in his/her mind and sing it perfectly tuned aloud. These frequencies are known to aid and heal the human condition and the planet, which is his exact intention and response to his calling. They have been shown to reduce pain, turn grief into joy, and even facilitate change. Sound weird? The only way to decide for yourself is to lend it an ear! A staple on the festival circuit, I cannot wait until the next time I get to go crazy at a Dosio show! 


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