November 8, 2013

Instant Grit

The Blog of the Week is... Say Hello to Soup Season by Mellissa Sevigny. Because wow. Ten (count 'em, 10) insanely delicious looking soup right as the chill sets in? With names like Brazilian Shrimp Moqueca...


I Breathe I'm Hungry


and Fire Pot Soup...


I Breathe I'm Hungry


... We're ready. Bring on the 60-degree temps, because soup's definitely on. Thanks, Mellissa!


And speaking of the settling in and enjoying the simple things—homemade soup, gatherings of friends, the wide world outside—here's a video that just might bring it all home (in a slightly uncomfortable way). If you haven't seen it yet, it's worth a watch. And worth the question: are you the gal in the video, or one of the people around her? Which one do you want to be? (Your answer just might change the weekend ahead of you...)