Not Another Southern Charm Piece

Nate Anderson

Southern Charm, Southern Charm, Southern Charm! It’s all that’s been on the internet here in Charleston for the past, forever, it seems. All these articles pointing out the shortcomings of the “cast” and how ridiculous the show is are starting to sound like a broken record. It's like reading the hatred on a dirty bathroom stall at a truckstop. So angry! It's crystal clear there are plenty of strong opinions about this show, but few of you have probably stepped back, and thought about it in any different light than the snarky, negative one that seems to be so prevalent. 

Hear me out.

Let’s take a quick look at two of the characters. Whitney Sudler-Smith is a great example. Yes, he lives with his mother, and called his room the “Stabbin Cabin” but he also went to LA and was a writer and director of a film made in Hollywood. Not some straight to youtube short film, but LA. He has an IMDb page. Just because it wasn't your favorite film doesn't mean that feat isn't pretty incredible. He’s done a lot in an industry that’s pretty cut throat and had enough clout to be named the Executive Producer of Southern Charm. 

Hell, with what rent is downtown, I'd live with my mom in a heartbeat.

Thomas Ravenel. This guy has caught some serious flack over this show, and everything that’s happened in his personal life. Yes, he was busted with coke. Yes, he’s been known to enjoy the company of a few ladies, but are we all practicing absolute morality here? Do a few ill deeds make you a horrible person down to your bones, forever? Do I think Thomas Ravenel always makes the best decisions all of the time? No. Did I at one time wear a hemp necklace, listen to Ludacris, and pop my collar? Yes I did, and thank God I’m not judged for the rest of my life by those horrible decisions. 


Collar popped high, BAL probably higher, idiot college sophomore.  

Just because thousands of people are watching your every move doesn’t mean what you do is any better or worse. President Kennedy cheated on his wife with Marilyn Monroe. He’s on our currency and basically considered a deity. Clinton defiled his marriage IN THE Oval Office (year remeber that one) and all anyone can seem to remember about him is his amazing financial policies. These men aren't judged forever by mistakes they made.

I’m not saying T-Rav should make a play for the White House, I’m just saying cut the guy some slack. He did some drugs, paid for it, and now he’s on a reality tv show. Who, the hell, cares? Who cares if he “likes women” or “learned to play bocci ball in prison.” Who cares about Southern Charm? People are so worried it will make Charleston look horrific, but do you think everyone who lives in Atlanta are exact carbon copies of those six idiot women on Real Housewives of Atlanta? American is not as ignorant as you think. Did you even watch the show? It makes Charleston look BEAUTIFUL. It showcases some of our best restaurants, shopping and scenic destinations. 


The show also makes everyone look so scandalous and promiscuous, and just because this is the south and everyone seems to think 25 is old to be single, please don’t act like you, or at least your friends, didn’t hook up with people while you were single. Just because it’s televised doesn’t make it any worse than what YOU did back in your college days, or as a twenty-something "trying to find yourself."

People are so quick to judge what they see on TV but remember, just because it’s labeled “reality” doesn’t mean it’s real. This is a great article that shows just how UNrealistic it really is. T-Rav had a good point the other morning on the radio. He simply put, “If you don’t like it, change the channel.” Seriously, if it bothers you so much, don’t watch it. No one is forcing you to watch the show.

So this is me turning over a new leaf when it comes to this whole Southern Charm cluster. I’m taking a “glass is half full” approach and giving the cast some credit. Not that it really matters, as I highly doubt their every breath hangs on my approval, just as you shouldn’t care what a reality tv channel, known for its absurdity, based in LOS ANGELES (for crying out loud) edits into 50 minutes a week; 50 minutes you can either judge as if you’re so much better, or giggle when you see a restaurant you’ve been to on national television. 

Don’t act like that’s not cool. 

(Images via Bravo, Ollyy's Shutterstock and a disturbingly long scroll through one personal Facebook account.)