Meet The Minks

Betsey Geier

The Minks is a Nashville-based band that will be performing at The Royal American on September 1 with local artist The Mobros and Dakota O.

Nikki Barber started The Minks based on the idea that “if you don’t create, you’ll combust.”

She believes that humans need to have an outlet to express their emotions and feelings. For Barber, art is a great outlet.

“It doesn’t really matter what I am doing – obviously music is my favorite form of art – but I need to create, I need to say the things that are on my brain, process my emotions, and music has been a great outlet for that,” Barber said.

Her music is rock-and-roll and a little psychedelic, but it's also fun and upbeat. The Minks is currently touring in support of their EP “Blue.”

“My favorite thing about touring is getting to travel,” Barber said.

She wanted to find something that she loved that also allowed her to travel. But, it’s not just traveling that is fun, but getting to travel with the band.

“I like having a little wolfpack to travel around with. It feels right to me,” Barber said.

It’s not always glamorous, but Barber and The Minks keep it fun.

“I’ve slept in some weird scenarios, lots of vans, and seats and things like that. It’s not always great for your back,” Barber joked.

Those are the funny stories and the good memories. Barber strives to be positive, and it shows during her live shows.

“We really like to bring the energy and positivity and spread our message around and get people up and dancing,” Barber said.

They play the same songs every night but in a different order. The Minks doesn’t stick to a set list, which allows them to jam a little longer here and there. Their music is fun and upbeat, and it will hopefully get the crowd up on their feet.

Barber notes that the songs, “as a whole, are very emotional to me and they’ve all stemmed from heartbreak and sadness. The world is in a crazy place right now with a lot of craziness going on that’s not good, but even though a lot of songs are about negative topics, I try to write them in a positive way so that it makes people feel good. Maybe people are going through a heartbreak but they can listen to the song, and relate to it, and maybe feel better from it in the end.”

They have a new song that is about being heartbroken but also coming to terms with that heartbreak. It’s about learning that things will be ok and that there is a light at the end. Even in bad situations, you can appreciate the person and experience.

The Minks is finishing up their first full-length album and it should be available early 2019.