Local Designer Megan Waldrep Delivers Spice & Little Sugar

Mew Designs founder and designer Megan Waldrep has added the title "writer" to her repertoire with the launch of a children’s book that she has co-authored with friend, Melissa Nelson

Mew Designs founder and designer Megan Waldrep has added the title "writer" to her repertoire with the launch of a children’s book that she has co-authored with friend, Melissa Nelson.


The book, Spice & Little Sugar, launched in early December and depicts a charming story based on actual events about the annoyances and love found between sisters. Although designing and writing are two talents that may not appear to be in the same basket, the fit is just perfect for Waldrep. As the designer of a children’s clothing line, “Little Rocker Threads,” the publishing of a children’s story has only added energy to her creative storm. The writing of the book came naturally to her, as she herself is an older sister. In fact, her experience as a “spice” is what inspired her to write the book! Her very own ‘little sugar’ is now her best friend and, without a doubt, helped provide material for the story.  


Recently, I chatted with Megan to get the inside scoop on how all of this came together:


AD: As a designer what made you think to author a children's book? 

MW: It was more of the fact that I am a sister that made me want to write a children's book. While my first passion is fashion design, I started babysitting 2 little girls for extra money.  What started out as a simple babysitting-gig for some gas money, led to the inspiration to document the things I not only saw everyday "on the job," but also what I experienced growing up as a big sister.  Melissa Nelson is also a big sister, so we had a lot of experience and felt we had great subject matter for a fun children's book!


AD: Is there any connection to who you are as a designer?

MW: I think the connection is thinking of other avenues to keep the creativity going.  I have always wanted to be a published author, so this was another check off the list of things to accomplish.  The children's book has helped fuel the fire to focus more on my Mew kids line, "Little Rocker Threads", which is also the new love of my life, next to the book.


AD: What was your creative process like when writing this book?  Tell us about the collaboration.  

MW: It was very organic.  Once we started, we couldn't stop.  Our book is told in playful rhyme, so when one person was stumped on a line, the other would finish the sentence.  Like I said, we both have a lot of experience in the subject matter, so it was not very hard for us to come up with content.


AD: What do you hope to accomplish in creating this book?

MW: I hope that this book is the next Strawberry Shortcake!  We want to represent Charleston the best we can, and by having both authors and illustrator as Charlestonian's, we are on our way!  We are planning a massive book tour and will have the book in stores from coast to coast.  We are already in local specialty boutiques: Southern Belles, Wonder Works, Poe Studio, and Robin's Nest in Savannah, GA.  We are also working on the next few books to continue into a series.  This is definitely not the last time you will hear about us, or these great characters!


AD: What's next for Mew Designs?

MW: Mew will be focusing on the kid’s line, "Little Rocker Threads" and the women's collection.  The Mew aesthetic is coming full circle.  I am using vintage rock T's, like in my first Women's collection, and turning them into little girl dresses and tunics.  For women, I am focusing on customized printed T's that you can use to upgrade your outfit to rock star status.  All printed designs are exclusive to Mew and made with love by talented artisans of Charleston, SC.  You will be able to see the new women's collection at Surfing the Runway, March 18th, 2012 at the Tides hotel on Folly Beach! You can check out both collections at www.mewdesign.net


Hitting stands in local boutiques across the Lowcountry and available at Amazon.com, Spice & Little Sugar will celebrate with a book launch Saturday February 4rd at Robot Candy Co. starting at 5:00 PM.  Authors Megan Waldrep and Melissa Nelson as well as illustrator and Robot Candy Co. owner, Lisa Perrett, invite you to join them for a book reading, giveaways and special treats!



Local Designer and Co-Author, Megan Waldrep 

Photos by Bobtography