Living in Sin: The Dark Side

Have you tried telling your mom the 21st century culture slide has officially bottomed out? That you, her daughter, is cohabitating? It's fun.

I’ve done it.


I’ve crossed over into the depths of living under the same roof as my boyfriend. Needless to say, my mom wasn’t exactly thrilled at the news. The conversation with mom went a little something like this:


What I said: “We’re going to live together.”


What she heard: “I’m a prostitute. I’m opening my very own brothel.”


What I said: “I’m excited about it, and I think it’s a really great thing.”


What she heard: “Again, I’ve been a prostitute for years now. I have seven illegitmate children, and I answer to many pimps.”


I have a feeling she’ll get over it by the time I’m 50. Brothels or bust.