It's (Pint-Sized) Party Time

It's (Pint-Sized) Party Time

Recently, I was asked to design a birthday party for a friend's son. These ideas are easy to tweak and repeat (edible centerpieces, anyone?) for a hit kids' summer bash

Summertime is such an ideal time to throw a children's birthday party. Kids love to have fun in the sun and they (usually) tell you exactly what type of party they want! Recently I was asked to design a Thomas the Tank-themed party for a little friend of mine. We incorporated so many details, each of which would be super easy for anyone to repeat at home for their own tiny friends! Here are a few ideas to help you look like a party planning pro for your little one's next birthday:


1) Incorporate a water element.

Jump castle companies also rent water slides and will set up and deliver, as well. Forget tiring yourself out planning lots of different games... just do this and watch the kids entertain themselves for hours!


2) Create useful take-home favors.

We made goodie bags with towels and goggles for the kids. They could use them right away, then take them home afterward.


3) Try edible centerpieces.


We placed yummy candies is simple glass vases. They looked great and you could snack on them, too!


4) Make a dramatic entrance.


Everybody does balloons for a birthday party, but putting just a little more time into it by stringing them together makes a much bigger statement!


5) Dress up your drinks.


We simply punched a hole in a funky cupcake sleeve and turned it upside down to make a fun topper for our specialty drinks! 


6) Make your gifts work for your decor.


We built a custom train table (with an astroturf base) as a present for the birthday boy. Not only did he love his toy, but it made for a great centerpiece of the party! 


7) Offer frozen treats.


Cakes are a must, but everyone will love you if you add a little ice cream into the mix. We had a yogurt cart come in and supply several different flavors with a bevy of toppings!


8) Go for a ride!

We brought in Thomas himself to give the kiddos a lift!