An Interview with "Brothers & Sisters" star Gilles Marini

An interview with Gilles Marini of "Brothers and Sisters" and "Devious Maids"



When you think of Gilles Marini of the television show "Brothers & Sisters" who also played Samantha's hunky, sex-crazed neighbor in the Sex and the City movie, you think of hot, hot, hot!

I am so excited to sit down with Gilles after his triumphant performance one Dancing With The Stars. This is one standup gentleman, sex symbol, and one of the kindest guys that I have ever met. When I first approached him about an interview, he immediately responded saying that normally he would say no to me, but for some reason felt compelled to say yes. I was obviously overwhelmed with pride and gratitude for such a sincere and positive response. For me to wrap my head around that I am not only a good writer, but a source that appeals to such talent, left me speechless and full of gratitude. Speechless, yes, but my fingers are still working so I can write. Enjoy my interview with this fantastic actor!

1. What is one grooming product you could not live without?


Face wash and facial fuel from Kiehl's. I love to wash my face all the time, it's kind of an obsession. 


2. I know as an actor you have to wear makeup for film, but what do you think of wearing everyday concealer, etc.?


Well if you have a zit or something like that then yes, I would say cover it rather than having it on your face for everyone to look at! But the truth is, if someone wants to put make up on, then why not? To each his own. Personally I don't wear anything other than moisturizer or the Kiehl's facial fuel I mentioned before. But I am always open to new products. It's 2015 and by now I hope men understand that we must take care of our skin.




3. Do you think that it is true that men get better with age?


I think this is an expression created to make people feel good about getting older. The most important thing is to accept who you are at any age, and work hard at being as healthy as you can be. Being close to age 40 now is so much better than it was seventy years ago. We are better when it comes to nutrition and health information, and, as a result, we are looking better than ever. But of course you can't beat being in your 20s, full of life and carefree. The only problem at that age is that twenty-somethings often forget to take care of their bodies and minds, so they end up aging badly. I took good care of myself and don't feel as though I have aged much. It's true I am happier now than when I was 20, but wish I could be 20 and just as happy and smart as I am now. Hah, conflicting I guess.  


4. How important is skincare to you? 


Very important. I work with my face everyday. I can only prolong my career if I look the best I can look.



5. What is your favorite feature on a beautiful woman?


That is such a personal question. But, my wife will tell you that I am a huge fan of the booty. She said that! Not me!



6. Did you wear sunscreen while filming that amazing scene, showering outdoors in the Sex and the City movie?


You bet your ass I did, I would have been cooked! It was January so it wasn't too hot, but people need to understand that they must wear sunscreen. Skin cancer is far too prevalent nowadays. 




Catch Marini on Lifetime's Devious Maids where he plays Beverly Hills realtor, Sebastien Dussault.