Helen Mitternight



A small group of people were on hand at Monday’s pop-up art show, sipping wine and sampling some of Indaco’s excellent pizza, as they stood in front of canvases by local artist Shannon Wood.


“This is my first solo show,” Wood confessed, adding that she was excited to be exhibiting at the art show hosted by Indaco.


The paintings depict impressions of Charleston water and marsh grass, and some have actual marsh reeds sewn into the canvas.


Earlier, Wood had said that her paintings of Charleston marsh grasses and water are often painted from memory.


“If I’ve been out on the water on a boat, or on a beach, it’s whatever strikes me about the changing light,” Wood said. “The landscape here is always changing. The colors of the sky are different every day and the water is a different color, and the marsh grass seems to change as the sun sets and rises. I’ve always been fascinated by it.”



Lots of coffee houses put local art on the walls, but why would a white tablecloth restaurant like Indaco with long waits for tables give away food and wine to support local art?


“What we do here every day is art,” says chef de cuisine Kevin Getzewich. “Food is art, and art is art, an expression of yourself. It’s putting yourself out there. We want to support that and it’s nice to support local artists and people who are passionate about that.”