I Like the Way You Work It..No Diggity…

Haley Moore

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the Workshop, then I highly recommend you stop in. I decided today to drop in and try the coffee shop on site, Bad Wolf Coffee. With laptop in tow (because I am blessed enough to work remotely for my full time job), I headed over there.


 I put the address to the Workshop in my Waze app. At first I am thinking, Upper King, okay cool. Like near the new Hyatt and stuff? Wrong. This is upper, UPPER King. Basically NoMo.


I get there and I notice that it’s actually attached to this big conglomerate of tech companies. At first, I couldn’t find it. I saw Boomtown and thought I was in the wrong spot. I continued walking and there I found Bad Wolf Coffee.


I noticed this wasn’t necessarily inside the Workshop space, but was rather its own fixture in the office space/development. I ordered a cold brew and sat up at the bar. (Note, they don’t keep cream or sugar out, so if you want it, you have to ask for it).


I sat there, sipped my cold brew and resumed my day’s work. While I was sitting there, I chatted away with the male barista.


Of course, the topic of conversation was the upcoming eclipse. (I mean, does anyone around here talk about anything else? I quite frankly am ready for it to be over with. I get it’s a once/twice in a lifetime thing, but it is a Monday and it is a work day for most people, but that’s beyond my point).


Anyways, after sitting there for an hour or so, people were starting to trickle in and out. The barista seemed to know everyone who popped in. I mean it makes sense given all the tech firms around there, that people would be regulars at Bad Wolf Coffee.


As the time ticked away, I realized it was lunch time. Originally, I was going to pack up my laptop and head inside the Workshop. The barista was nice enough to let me leave my laptop at the coffee shop while I walked over and picked up some food.


I looked around at all the spots. Pink Belly, Beech Test Kitchen, Juan Luis, and Slider King. I really wanted to try Juan Luis, but since I wasn’t starving and just wanted a small meal, I settled on Slider King. I ordered one Slider King and a side of fries. It was $7, not bad at all.


The Slider King consisted of basically a fried wagyu beef ball, remoulade, and lettuce and tomato on a small little bun. Oh man, my mouth is just watering thinking about it again. The Slider came out first before my fries.



As I was waiting for my fries, I decided to just go ahead and eat the slider. I didn’t know what I was getting into. I LOVED the slider. I finished it in like 30 seconds. My fries soon came out and I realized I needed another slider.


I ordered my other slider while munching on the fries. (Sorry guys, if you are fry lover, you’ll be disappointed. These were straight from the bag fries, but they are a slider place, not a fry place).


Anyways, my eyes were bigger then my stomach and I only got through half of the other slider.


But y’all, for real. You need to try the Workshop. My husband is dying to go and I feel like I ruined the surprise, but I couldn’t wait any longer. We will for sure be back. I mean it’s like an adult food court with legit food and booze, what’s not to love?