Herbal Passion's mission is rooted in holistic herbalism

Tori McKelvey

By Tori McKelvey

She’s no witch, but she’ll brew you up something good.

Stepping up into the shop, the aromas of sage and incense comb the bottom of my nostrils. Sunlight swims in from the window beside me over the table topped with crystals. Keep following my eyes clockwise, the wall is veiled with shelves filled with tinted jars that hold herbs, spices, and tea blends. Every jar is painted with black acrylic paint and colored markers labeling them. Smaller bottles that hold tinctures, essential oils, and other wellness products line the next shelf over. The jars are easily accessible to open and smell the herbs, spices, and tea blends to get a whiff that dances inside your nose.

Herbal Passionserves as a wellness apothecary. Owner Hannah Weber handcrafts holistic products that serve as an alternative to pharmaceuticals. With these all-natural products, she encourages her customers to take their health into their own hands and lives this philosophy every day. Her goal is to share her experience and knowledge with you.

Each customer is given the opportunity to buy a sample amount to experiment with the product, or she gives you the gift of finding a product you love and that makes you feel good. For those who relied on Earth Fare for their bulk herbal needs, Herbal Passion is a more than perfect place to turn to in their absence.

Weber runs this local business all on her own and has become a blessing to the Charleston community. She is very proud of her progress and the impact she is having on the physical and mental wellbeing of others. While sitting in the shop I hear her smile, “This is my little closet of magic.” She’s no witch, but she’ll brew you up something good.

An herbalism class has sprouted in recent years at the shop, where she teaches beginners the basics of herbalism. More information on her products, the classes she offers, and her story can be foundhere.

To find her shop, the address is 845 Savannah Highway, but she suggests typing 5 Daniel Street into the GPS for better luck of making it there. Here’s a bonus! You will receive your first half oz. of any tea blend for FREE with any purchase if you:

•    Bring your own container for sustainability.

•    Are a first-time customer.

•    Mention you read this article!