Hampden's Lizzie Fortunato & Timo Weiland Soiree

Chassity Evans

Last week Stacy Smallwood of Hampden Clothing hosted designers Lizzie Fortunato (LLL favorite, for sure) and Timo Weiland (a new LLL favorite, for sure) for a little trunk show party of sorts. Only it wasn't very little. It had my favorite food truck (Roti Rolls), a dj (DJ Jazz), great decor thanks to Hampden's visual director Haley Spees, and plenty of champagne to keep me happy.


Oh, and LF's and Timo's latest collections. Which are insane. And I had the good fortune to meet up with Elizabeth, Kathryn, Timo, and Stacy for a couple of drinks before the event started.


Now that is a fun crew. I asked them all sorts of fun questions, like: 


What blogs they read: Timo reads Growing Wild On Every Hillside. Lizzie & Kathryn like Refinery 29 and Decade Diary.


Who their style muses are: Timo's is Steve McQueen and Lizzie's is Caroline Issa (Tank's editor). 


Where do they draw inspiration? Timo's inspired by his friends and the sail-and-surf culture. Lizzie is inspired by traveling, different materials, and browsing flea markets (her favorite is the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market on 25th Chelsea). 


What's their greatest extravagance? Timo's is long weekends spent hotel hopping with his boyfriend Jeff (they like the Cowshed at Soho House, Hurley Stone House, and Wing's Castle). Kathryn loves Barrio Chino's tacos in NYC and 3am club sandwiches at Hotel Coste in Paris. And Lizzie loves leaving the city and heading to Saugerties, riding in taxi cabs, and really expensive dry cleaning, specifically King's Dry Cleaning (love that answer!).


Really fun people. Afterwards we moseyed on down to the party. 



Beautiful collections and space. I love a Hampden party. They just do it so well. I loved meeting you Timo, Kathryn, and Lizzie. I'm looking forward to adding more pieces to my fall wardrobe. It's all so good (especially those clutches!). You can shop LF's collection here and Timo's collection here.