Forever 21

Fall hasn't arrived just yet in Charleston, so that means there's still time to do some shopping. I'm sharing a few favorites for the upcoming season!

The grand finale did not disappoint. Bravo.

Blogger Julie Wheat brings you the best street-style looks from the annual Southern Ground Food & Music Festival, which features two full days of music, brews, and food.

How one stroll down our most fashion forward strip left me thinking that my give-a-damn is busted when it comes to my everyday appearance. Any other moms feel the same?

Next up on my list of fall/winter essentials is a denim jacket. Learn here how to find one that fits properly so you don't end up looking homeless

Stylish gals are rocking this trend, but in the back of my head, I can't help but think of Teen Beat, circa 1990s. Take a look at the denim dynamite I've collected and let me know what you think