Five Minutes to Fabulous

A knock at the door, a last-minute text invite—sometimes a mad dash to gorgeous is all you've got time for. Relax. Fix yourself a drink. I've got you covered....


Let's say the man of your dreams (or of the night, or of the moment, perhaps) is on his way. You just rushed in from work and you've five minutes. Ten, tops. What to do?  


Time is limited, so let's get to it:


(Before we even get started on the make-up, let's mention the most important step- BRUSH YOUR TEETH!)


Now then, here goes:


1. Touch up your mascara. Don't worry about eye shadow (we'll get back to that). Swipe upper and lower lashes with the wand then squeeze your eyelidss together to give it that smudgy, sexy look. Then take a liner brush and smudge along the lashes for quick smoldering smokey eyes.  


1.5. While we're on lashes, let me say this: Curl your lashes honey! Press the curl on your lashes, lift your wrist and count to 10, then release. This one little 10-second step can make those lashes say WOW! Remember to be gentle on those lashes when curling, don't get too crazy, even though you're in a hurry.


2. No time to wash the face and reapply?  Work with what you have on. POWDER. POWDER. POWDER.  This will add coverage as well as freshen up the make-up you have. Ladies, I know: layering over an old layer may sound a little gross, but hey-you need to look fresh, don't you?  It'll be our little secret.


3.  The answer is always PINK. Trust me, I've done the legwork and asked around. If you want to give that "oh, it's no big deal, I'm always ready to go" look, PINK is always the answer.  Sweep pink blush on the high apples of the cheek and swipe on a pale pink or nude pink lip gloss. Here's a hint: Men equivocate pink with innocence (go figure) and no one wants to look trampy when you are trying to score on a first date!  Of course, when I say score I don't mean hit the sheets! I mean getting the call back for a second date.


3.5. If you don't have a pink blush, smile. Then take your lipstick or gloss and smudge just a bit on the high apples of the cheek and blend in with your fingertips. Slightly old school, sure, but let me tell you: women have been doing this for years for a reason. Product is product and when there is a countdown on time, there are absolutely no rules. Just results.


4. Bronze it up, baby! Nothing looks more rested and and welcoming than a sun kissed face. My favorite Bronzer is Laura Mercier Golden Bronzer since it has a shell base and can never look too orange. Remember: trace the number 3 on one side of the face and the letter E on the other side. (Use a very soft brush. The the softer the brush, the less color you will apply. Brushes are the key to good makeup. Trust me, honey.)


5. Last but not least, don't forget to add a little spritz to sizzle! Assuming you have touched up your deodorant, of course, spritz on a little fragrance. You must know that men are animals, and they love food. Think about a candy-smelling fragrance or something with vanilla extract. Vanilla, blackberry, and cinnamon—nothing is sexier.








A spritz of fragrance


And there you go ladies! This'll only take a matter of minutes, but leave you looking and feeling fabulous! Now go knock 'em dead baby and do me a favor...


Let me know how it goes.