The Five Best Music Spots in Charleston

Allison Moorman

By Allison Moorman

There is something to be said for a live music show, and how even if you don’t know any of the songs being played, you still feel the music’s electrical current weave through the crowd. Many cities have already solidified themselves as musical tourist destinations (see: Nashville), but don’t overlook your own backyard. Charleston has plenty of venues, artists and atmospheres to choose from, all offering a glimpse into the Holy City’s budding music scene:

  1. Music Farm: Drawing both local and national artists, Music Farm has undoubtedly established itself as the city’s musical hub. The venue is small enough where any place is a good place to see the stage, but big enough to attract the likes of Cherub (September 6), Milky Chance (October 8), Andy Grammer (October 24) and Walk Off the Earth (November 2)
  2. The Charleston Pour House: If consistency is key, then look no further than Charleston Pour House. With live music booked nearly every night of the week and artists representing every genre, there is bound to be something for everyone. The venue is also connected to The Lot, an eclectic restaurant boasting locally sourced ingredients and one of a kind cocktails. Upcoming events include a tribute to Phish (August 29), Moon Hooch (October 6) and Tauk (October 13).
  3. Charleston Music Hall: This venue serves a host for acts passing through the Lowcountry, music or otherwise. It's your local town theater where artists, comedians, poets and directors showcase their work for the masses. Consider going to the 2nd Annual Ocean Film Tour (September 9), LGBT LOL (September 20) or The Fun Show with Cat and Nat (September 30) for a break from the monotonous.
  4. The Royal American: If you are looking for an indie scene, look no further than The Royal American. Be ahead of the music curve by attending intimate shows featuring up and coming artists, as well as indulging in drinks and food locals are raving about. Artists to watch include MYFEVER (August 24), Bandits on the Run (September 18) and Caamp (October 2).
  5. North Charleston Coliseum: Arguably your most traditional music venue on the list, this is the place to go to see your more established artists, bands and comedians. Jo Koy will be stopping by on September 7, Jake Owen on October 6 and the pièce de résistance, Bob Dylan, will be performing on November 4.