Eliot Lipp and Flamingosis: Chs Pour House

Alexandra Dunlop



Everyone knows Charleston has a great music scene, booming with a plethora of diverse artists both new and old, and smaller, more intimate venues. This past Wednesday night was a perfect example of just that.



Eliot Lipp, a Brooklyn-based electronic music artist, came to the Charleston Pour House after ten years of global touring with opener Flamingosis to put on a memorable show for an energetic audience. Influenced by mostly hip-hop artists like Madlib and Flying Lotus, Eliot Lipp’s sound reflects the soulful beats and electronic backing of his muses, paired with some killer rhymes. His music is a blend of genres, highlighting the artists that inspire him, such as GRiZ, and his fellow artists under Pretty Lights Music Label (PLM) like Michal Menert and Supervision.





Playing some classic electro with a mix of dancy '70s fusion and some early '90s techno, even threw in some downtempo and trap. Lipp's high quality craftsmanship shone through in the midst of his suspenseful buildups and dirty bass drops. Signed to PLM Label, his taste in music is admirable and worthwhile. You can hear his different influences in the music as he creates a unique sound all his own.





A risk-taker, Eliot Lipp impressed his audience at the Pour House who was spirited and vibrant as ever. With plenty of space to move around and dance in your own bubble, this is the type of show we love seeing at the Poho. Lipp hasn’t released an album since 2012's Shark Wolf Rabbit Snake, so fans are more than eager to see what he puts out next…and hopefully it’s soon!






The opener for the show, Flamingosis a.k.a. Aaron Velasquez, hails from Morristown, New Jersey. His sample selection was on point throughout his set, incorporating some party-starting Gucci Mane and some raunchy trap as well as a remix of Missy Elliot’s “Music Make You Lose Control.” Bringing back some classics and impressing the crowd with his ear for meshing sounds, Flamingosis set the scene for the night. His self-titled album released in 2014 is most definitely worth a listen and you can expect to see big things from Mr. Velasquez in the future.





Catch videos of the sets here:


Eliot Lipp