A Don't-Miss Local Tribute for a Day to Remember

Instant Grit

Here's a hump day question for ya: How do you commemorate non-gift-giving holidays? Or special days that aren't centered around dressing up like Lady Gaga, wearing green so that your awkward coworker won't pinch you, or taking tequila shots. 


Do you see note of them on Twitter and breeze right on by? One such under-the-radar, yet insanely memorable day is on the horizon—coming up August 28—and gearing up to it is a dang good way to celebrate locally.


This Saturday at 6 p.m., the Charleston Symphony Orchestra (CSO) Gospel Choir and CSO Spiritual Ensemble are gathering at Morris Street Baptist Church for a free performance to pay tribute to the 50-year anniversary of this particular special day—the day that 200,000+ Americans marched on Washington and one amazing American shared with us his incredible dream. The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom commemoration will feature remarks by area clergy, as well as gospel and spiritual songs.  


A better bet than breezing by the date on social media or downing tequila shots? You betcha. 


CSO Gospel Choir


6 p.m., Saturday, August 18 

Morris Street Baptist Church

25 Morris Street