The doc's sit-down with the Gun was Grit through and through—that is, a fresh perspective on an issue that's got the whole country's attention

There's one big player in the resurgent gun debate that hasn't made the requisite media rounds—I sat down with him recently to discuss our culture, the President's stance, and big-picture solutions

The Daily Beast just ranked Charleston the #4 Drunkest City in America (ahead of New Orleans AND Vegas, mind you). What do you think? Shall we sober up or belly up and have another?

There have been a few times I thought I might die while running, but I didn’t think it might literally take years off my life. A new study argues running might not be as healthy as we think

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What's the new game of medicine? What the hell is epigenetics? What's this talk of sex stars? These questions answered, plus more on the benefits of bioidentical hormone therapy, here

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Where have all the REAL foods gone? I prefer my chicken to have the svelte legs and thighs of a bridge runner, and I'll take my produce just as God intended it