Day 7: Grit's Fashion Loves & Loathes

Instant Grit

Charleston's Grit's 12 Days of Fashion: Loves & Loathes

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Submitted by: Kinsey

Age: 29

Occupation: Writer/Editor

Lives: Wagener Terrace


LOVE: Skinny jeans tucked into booties with a slimming blazer  


katie armour: the neo-traditionalist


This defines chic yet saucy to me. It's sexy, but powerful, and seems to transition easily from day to night.


LOATHE: Drop-Crotch Pants




Is your goal to look like you have a front bum goiter? Or is your pant in tribute to Toulouse-Lautrec whose legs stopped growing at age 13 but upper body did not, because that's what you look like. Gentleman stop flattering yourselves, there's no way your inseam requires that much room. And ladies the whole Aladdin look died in 1992. This isn't a whole new world, carpets can't fly, and Robin Williams hasn't been funny since Good Morning, Vietnam. Kindly give Jasmine her pants back.



Ready to sound off on your loves and loathes for Grit's 12 Days? Let's do it.

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1. Send an email to Grit editor Ellen McGauley at Put 12 Days in the subject line.
2. List one look you love and one you hate. Each should be accompanied by a) a quote about why b) a picture or two illustrating the look.
3. List the online source of any images submitted. We need to credit them correctly. 
4. Include first name, general occupationage, and the part of town in which you live. These will be listed with each submission used.
5. Do it before March 15!
We'll run as many as we can! The more colorful the commentary, the better. So go ahead, give us your Fashion Grit.